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Brian Kinwald's X - 60 and X - 6 Squared
from the 2009 Hot Rod Hobbies Shoot-Out

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  "OK, so I'll start with my Truck. I haven't really changed my set-up from race to race... it really seems to be dialled almost everywhere."

Brian Kinwald is ALWAYS changing and modifying his cars - testing every idea he can think of to make his X-Cars as fast as possible. On Sunday at the Hot Rod Hobbies Shoot-Out we decided to snap a couple pictures of the Dirt's cars to show the family just what he's been up to. We also go the low down on his set-up from the ROAR nationals two weeks prior, and what changes he'd made for the super high-bite Hot Rod Surface.

"Some new things I've done though: First, I lengthened the chassis by about 6 mm. Like moving hubs backwards, this adds steering. I think this is too long though; I'm going to make another that's about 3 mm longer than stock and see what that feels like..."
  "The second thing is I made some Losi universals for my X - 60. These help the truck go through bumps when running the transmission high, like at the 'nats."

These universals were made in the same manner that Family member Arjan did with the B44 Univerals: Measure carefully, cut apart the two driveshafts, and join them with a tube.

There's pleny of other Dirt tricks in these pics if you look for them. His X - 60 set-up sheet covering both races can be found here, as well as filed on the normal set-up sheet page.
Brian uses the K Factory front tower; he ground off the outside hole because he doubt's he'll ever use it,
and it rubbed on the body
  Dialed switch mount. You can see the CF braces for the extended chassis.

Brian's X - 6 Squared required a few more changes between the Nationals and the Shoot-Out, but he was really happy with the car by the time qualifying started out in LA.

"As you can see I did the same with the Losi univerals and the chassis... The chassis is about 9mm longer and actually feels really good on some tracks. We called it 'The Limo' in the pits, but going around the track it didn't look too bad.

During practice at Hot Rod I went to a longer front link, added 1/4th oz more weight to the front, took out some wing angle, and added washers under the outside tie-rod to take all the bumpsteer out of the car. I had some motor problems and some bad luck, but my 6 Squared was awesome."

BK's X - 6 Squared set-up covering the 'nats and the Shoot-Out can be found here.
Notice another K Factory Front tower set; this one was also a truck but Brian ground off the body mount parts!   There are tons of interesting Dirt-Tricks here; top being adding material to strengthen the spindle and grinding on the A-arm for clearance.
Notice the DDP 024 Motor Plate and
DDP 023 Transmission Brace

I guess he didn't have time to cover these driveshafts with heat shrink like the one's on his X - 60?
  Brian installed these GPM steering parts after he broke an AE servo saver just before A3 at the ROAR Nationals... No more steering breakage here!
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