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2010 Cactus Classic Pictures
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A BIG THANKS to family member Brad Blankenship for letting us use his camera. Paul forgot the special
battery for his camera (Oops!) so without Brad's helps there would have been very little coverage.

Dustin Evans Builds Tires
Alex Krieg's SCX-60

Chris Cristo came out from Massachusetts
Matt Chamber's xxx4 leads the way in practice

Chance Chapel's X - 6 Squared
That's a Durango in the back

Yours Truly
Dustin Evan's XXX 'CR' - more close up shots at the end of the gallery.

Chamber's Chamber.
The Losi Pit

Dirt's X - 6 Squared with the Team AJ Body

Zack Genvo's X - 6 Squared finished 3rd in the stock A1
Brad Blankenship came down from Washington.

Travis' X - 6 Squared.
Chance Chapel's X Factory Rides

Brian and Heidy Kinwald
Travis' X - 6 Squared, Again.

One of the coolest pics of the weekend.
Paul Carrol's X - 6 Squared.


Travis on the track.
With new adjustable software on the 'stock' speedo's, more and more people are bringing laptops to tracks.

Brad Blankenship snuck his name sticker on Zack Genova's SCX-60
Cristo's Kids' Meal had the best prize of the weekend.

Kinwald lands hard
Durango's working on a 2wd, but Hupo ran his B4 at Cactus.

Ronnie Gardner was driving for AE this weekend.
Jason leads Hupo around.

New Rides: Frank Root in the Losi follows Lee Martin driving a Tamiya 2wd
Jared Tebo was quick all weekend.

Mike Truhe off the straight.
Dustin Evan's looking for the Ryans to wreck.

Mike Truhe, a foot earlier on the track.
Car's struggled to get through the end of the straight quickly. Here Evan's XXX 'CR' gets out of shape under hard brakes.


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