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Brian Kinwald's X - 6 Squared
from the 2010 Cactus Classic

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  Last summer, we showed you BK's cars from the Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout (check them out here), and the positive response from the X Family has been overwhelming. So, at the Cactus Classic this year we knew we had to take a similar photo gallery, especially with Brian's awesome results.

What's interesting, the car pictured here is actually Drit's "club car" rather than his fully-prepped "race" car. He started with the cleaner-looking race car, but an early back-to-back practice run showed this car was faster and more consistent, so that's what he ran. Also of note, BK's cars are much closer to 'stock' than just six months ago - as he's gotten more comfortable with his X Factory rides, the stock parts are proving the fastest.

We've posted Brian's set-up from Cactus... check it out :).

BK ran the Team AJ "Galaxy" body at Cactus. This alternate shell has a more cab-forward look with a swooping rear, which adds some steering. The body should be available from X Factory soon.
Brian's sponsors Icon Racing, Futaba, and LRP are all shown in their respective spaces.

See the standard XF 1005 Carbon Chassis, and XF 5800 CVD's. The switch is still mounted through the chassis side.
BK searched for just a touch more steering throughout the Cactus. Here you can see red front tires and a massive front wing, cut from some scrap lexan.

With the standard chassis, Dirt still wanted to lengthen the car some. The first step to adding some wheelbase up front is to use inline axles run forward. To add some extra length, he ground .100" from the front of the caster blocks and moved them forward more.
With the wheel further forward, extra clearance was needed on the back of the arm for the wheel. BK reports this doesn't really weaken the arm any: "I nailed a pipe [in practice] and broke one. It broke inside where I didn't dremel anything. This stuff puts the wheels further forward for more clearance and less scrub."

Dirt found some Lunsford screws with long shoulders which fit perfect for the hub carrier. The system works just like many 1/8th outer hinge pins, and with the nut in front helps spread the stress on the arm. We're working to put together part DDP 026...

We've also got BK's Torx screws back in stock. We'll soon have X - 6 Squared and X - 60 screw kits available
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