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BK's SCX-60

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Like everyone else in the US, Brian Kinwald got into the Short Course craze as it was developing. BK picked up an SC10 last summer, and dialed it in such that Josh Reyburg was able to win mod SC @ the SIGP race with it. So of course Dirt followed Chris Krieg's work closely, helping Chris and Alex make and dial in the first SCX-60.

After the intial order rush finished, and Chris was able to take a breath, we were excited to get one of these trucks in BK's hands. "I knew this was going to be the most dialed X Factory car yet. With how good I was able to make the SC10, I still could feel that motor hanging out copmared to my X Factory rides. I've been building, testing, and running this truck for a few weeks now, and all I can say is incredible. People have asked me to stop racing it, 'cause it's not fair. So on club nights I usually TQ the first round by a lap, then sit out and let Alex win while I watch his truck and we work to make it even better."
  "This truck is a bit heavy, but that's not a bad thing... Have you seen ROAR's weight limit for these things?" (74 oz, or 2098g, for those interested.) "Most of those other trucks out there are way under weight, and I'm laying it down while making weight."

We're working to get together Dirt's setup for the family members with their own SCX-60's. We can say it's pretty close to his standard truck set-up, just a few tweaks for the added weight and CoG.
  One of those tweaks is to run a front sway bar. SC bodies are pretty heavy things, held high off the ground, and controlling roll is an issue for the trucks. Anti-Roll bars sound like just the answer.

BK's anti-roll bars were fabricated using a Losi Swaybar set, such as LOSA 4257, which providse the plastic hold downs, sway-bar ball ends, and the links. For the actual bar, BK just cut a piece of piano wire down to length and bent it in the shape he wanted.

"The critical thing for sway bars is to make sure they're flat. You want to be able to lay the bar on a set-up board and have the whole bar touching the board. Nothing raised up or at a weird angle. Then, make sure the links are the same length, and there won't be any tweak to the suspension from the bar."

Here's the back-end of the truck, showing that Team Icon bling motor. Peaking through everything is another swaybar.
All SC truck bodies take some abuse, and BK's is no different. It just takes longer to accumulate when you don't wreck much... this body is his original SC10 body.

Here you can see the swaybar, along with a custom rear shocktower brace (that's a # XF 1241 servo mount turned sideways on the tower). BK used some X Ray captured joints for the rear CL, but had to turn the ballstud horizontal to get the right range of motion.
"Fluffy loves my SC bodies. Dude, it's the funniest thing you've ever seen. I can hold the body and she just looks at me... I throw the body down and she dives under it before it lands. Then she just sits there like this. If I made a video for youtube it'd get like 6 million views, easy."
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