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2010 Hot Rod ShootOut Pictures
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Thanks for looking at our 2010 ShootOut Picture Gallery. If you're interested in coverage
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Up-Grade Wraps and Graphics makes some sweet signs.
Jared Tebo's RT5 before a qualifying run.

Some Practice Action
Overview of the track.

Cody King made a 'rare' electric race appearance.
Brian Kinwald's SCX-60 leads another SC truck

Dustin Evan's truck atop the step-up before the straight.
Jared Tebo's Ultima SC truck skying it out.

BK's SC again.
Billy Fischer seems to have kept his yellow truck body from Cactus?

The Dirtinator's X - 60 up the steps.
Expert 2wd SC Trucks lined up to start qualifying.

Some more practice action.
Ryan Maifield accerates into the short straight.

Chad Due leading Cody Turner.
Jared Tebo's truck again... buggies are coming!

Since I was shooting the pics, this still shot of my cars will have to do.
A peek inside Dirt's SCX-60

Ryan Maifield ran JConcepts Orange Barcodes most of the weekend.
Cavalieri in the front jump section.

Cody Turner rolls it on the stairs.
A SC truck enters the back rhythm section.

Modified Truck 'A' Qualifier before the start tone.
Cavalieri's new Factory Team T4.1

Dustin Evans rounds the corner onto the straight.
The mid-motor SCX-60 shows great corner poise.

Billy Fischer in the 'pit'.
BK once more.

Tebo leads Truhe up the stairs.
Cavalieir and Turner in the same section.
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