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2010 Hot Rod ShootOut Pictures
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BK leads Frank Root
Mike Truhe's XXXT-CR lands one of the triples

Maifield going over the infield roller.
Cody King whips it around the same spot.

King Again.
Tebo's truck looks very similar to his teammate's.

In the rookie class it's open vehicle - run what you brung!
Another stadium truck in rookie.

The rookies are limited to 17.5 brushless motors though.
SC trucks are welcome too!

The RC Pro-Am race was a huge hit. Each rookie driver was paired up with an expert driver in a special race: rookie steering, expert on the throttle. Here I'm sure you can recognize the 'experts', each with a rookie grabbing the wheel.
There was no qualifying for the Pro-Am, just line 'em up and punch it! The expert drivers' cars were used in the 7 minute race, fresh from finishing round 3 of qualifying.

Brent Thielke chases Fischer (?) around the track in qualifying
Cody Turner is an up-and-coming AE driver.

Drivers lined up before the mod 2wd main.
Expert 4wd SC action.

These SC trucks show quite a bit of body roll into the high-speed sweeper.
Mike Truhe (chasing) won the Expert 4wd SC class with a new losi prototype truck.

Mike passes for the lead in A1 action. Push 'em over and pass, that's SC racing!
Now it's Truhe leading them down the straight.

Chad Bradley put in a good showing with the Jammin' 4wd SC truck.
Bradley chases down Truhe.

Mike off the straight again.
While mike was leading (truck in the back) Losi driver Frank Root was chasing down the Jammin of Jeremy Kortz.

Frank Root's Losi proto.


Alex Krieg broke his glasses just before qualifying started (!) but managed to squeak into the super-stock 2wd A main anyways. Quite a feat!
Battling for the lead in the super-stock 2wd A1.
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