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2010 Hot Rod ShootOut Pictures
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More super-stock action.
Brent Calvert had a great race, even though he'd just moved up to faster 'super stock' from 17.5 racing.

Alex pivots his X - 6² around the corner.

Marshall springs to action.
Coolest picture I took all weekend.

Ryan Maifield ran the new JConcepts 'punisher' body on his B44.

Brent Thielke did, too.
Still shot #1 of the new 'cab-forward' body.

The severe angular look is certainly a departure from the more rounded curves we're used to seeing.
Another still look.

Travis Amezcua qualified 10th with his TQ 4wd car.
Frank Root's Losi XXX 'CR' warming up for A1. Rumor mill is that Losi has a new 2wd in the works!

Cavalieri's new Factory Team B4.1
Brian Kinwald's X - 6² with the AJ Galaxy body.

Dustin Evan's Losi dumps the front end in the corner.
Mike Truhe over the small back table top.

2wd Mod drivers lined up and ready to go.
BK waits for things to get going.

Modified Truck drivers on the stand.
Frank Root's smiling 'cause he made all three mains...

...but his 4wd needed some tweaking before A2.
Billy Fischer and Ryan Cavalieri

4wd cars going into post-race tech.
A-main drivers full of concentration.
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