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2010 Hot Rod ShootOut Pictures
Brian Kinwald's X Factory Cars

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Brian is still sporting the AJ Galaxy body. They're coming soon!
I've always liked BK's 'Clock Digit' X - 60 Logo.

Overview of his X - 6². Not much is changed from Cactus, really, except for a lot neater wiring.
BK runs the Proline Cavalieri edition T4 body, with the back cut out to clear the tower and shocks.

Red taper fronts, big front wing, inline axles with the caster block moved forward.
GPM Steering belcrank replacements.

Another view of that caster block spaced forward.
BK had a speedo go bad on him in one of his qualifying runs. That meant the dialed wiring job came out, and the quick at-the-track-install went in.

BK mounts his sway bar in further on the arm than the stock molded mounts for a slightly softer feel.
As soon as we can get some, BK wants to try out AE's new V2 shocks on all his vehicles.

A Losi heavy-duty diff spring as the slipper spring.
Pretty standard front end on the X - 60.


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