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2010 Hot Rod ShootOut Pictures
Jared Tebo's Kyoshos.

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Jared Tebo graciously let me take some photos of his RB5 and RT5 just before the third round of A's.
Since he wrapped up truck in the first two A's, he hadn't prepped it for racing again. This is how his truck came off after winning the Hot Rod Shootout.

Big Bore Fever! They look massive on the buggy.

Orion has recently updated their motors. They looked good on the track, but Jared's motor did come un-soldered on lap 2 of the 4wd A1...
All the pro's have super-clean cars; Jared's no exception.

He wasn't sure what the interal bore/piston size was.
The business end of the RT5.

The KO Propo and Orion speedos are the same things.

Big bores up front... barely clear the turnbuckle!
Truck front end.

Thanks for the pics Tebo!
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