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Clayton Easley's X Factory Rides

  Clayton Easley has been driving RC cars for some time. "I remember, the first big race I went to ended up being a ROAR nationals in the late 90's. I was just barely starting out back then, but it was cool talking to and watching the guys I'd read about in the magazines," he told us. "That really got me interested, and minus a few temporary breaks for school and work I've been racing since."

Clayton was one of the first drivers to jump on the X Factory mid-motor bandwagon, getting on the pre-order list for the original X - 6. Originally from Texas, since moving to Colorado in 2009 he's really gotten faster. "I now race regularly at MHOR Raceway in Denver. There are a ton of super-fast guys here, and that's definitely helped me step up my game."

Clayton sent along his X - 6² and X - 60 set-ups recently as quite a few people had asked from them. We've posted them on our 2wd and Truck set-up pages. Espeically if you're interested in running big bore shocks, Clayton has been experimenting with both Schumacher and the new TLR big bore dampers. After posting the pdf files I asked Clayton to send along a few pics of his rides, as he always has very clean builds. Click any of the pics below to enlarge.

Clayton runs the DMS carbon fiber front shock tower with "Cream" K-Factory style front mounts.
When running big bore shocks it's smart to space the outside front camberlink ballstud forward slightly to help clear the spring.

Clayton's running the new AE V2 vented slipper plates.
The JConcepts 6.5" wing mounts better to Losi wing mounts, but to prevent "floppy wing syndrome" Clayton screws the wing down.

Here you can see the bottom of those screws held on by lock nuts. Clayton explained that he miss-drilled them slightly - the screws are supposed to go straight through the mounts.
  Clayton's X - 60 is pretty standard. "My truck is super-dialed. This set-up is so easy to drive, I've run it pretty much everywhere I race with hardly any changes except the notes on the set-up." He actually uses the same suspension parts to run his X - 60 and SCX - 60 short course truck, depending on which truck he wants to run each weekend.
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