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X - 6 Squared Chassis Details!

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The X - 6 Squared is certainly an awesome machine. With a lot of help from the supplier family, X Factory has built their best kit ever, from the clean molding to the high quality materials. The car pictured here was built from a K021 X - 6 Squared Kit. If you convert a B4 using a K019 X - 6 Squared Conversion, some of the parts may be different depending on the donor car.

The X-6 Squared is the most successful mid-motor off road car to date. While the original X-6 was designed around NiMh cells, utilizing a 4+2 saddle pack, the Squared was designed primarily for LiPo batteries, with the cell slots you see added at the end of the design process.


The AE Front end bolts right on to the X - 6 Squared chassis. You can see here how well the bolt holes line up, ready to install. Broached titanium ballstuds are used throughout the K021 Entire Car.


A top-down view of the X - 6 Squared font end. Notice the two servo mount positions for quickly adjusting weight bias. There are also two antenna mounts, behind the servo area, making it easy to run the receiver on either side of the car.


The dialed X Factory Lipo battery strap, part # XF 1223. A separate strap (# 1224) is available for cells.


Here's one of X Factory's proudest achievements: the 4-gear transmission. As the bosses in the case indicate, there are two AE 9360 idler gears in there. The extra gear means the motor rotates in the same direction as the wheels, which drastically increases weight transfer to the rear on acceleration. This advancement gives the X-6 Squared plenty of forward traction on even the slipperiest tracks.


The #3211 rear toe-in bar is pictured here; in this case the 4° pivot is being used. All X Factory kits come with 3 and 4 degree blocks to help you fine-tune your set-up. You can also see how easy it is to adjust antisquat on the X - 6 Squared: simply changing the number of shims underneath the toe block quickly adjusts from 0 to 4 degrees of antisquat.


Seen here are some of the subtle features of the K021 kit. As most racers have started using them, we included the B44 rear hub carriers which feature the larger outer wheel bearing. The Entire Car also features genuine MIP C-CVD's, # XF 5800. Of course there's also the Lunsford Ti turnbuckle and FT super smooth shock shaft.


The # XF 1232 motor plate is made out of 6061 Aluminum and clear annodized for longer life. Peeking through the chassis is the brass bushing forward hinge pin mount, an ingenious mounting solution for the rear suspension: simple, slop-free, and very tough.

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