X Factory | Bruno 'Elvo' Heremans

29-year-old Bruno “Elvo” Hermenes has been around R/C Racing for a long time. In the early 80s, his dad started racing, and Elvo tagged along with the track. By the late 80s, ten year old Elvo was old enough to race, so race he did. He took a five-year break from cars to go play with R/C boats in the early ‘90s, where he won numerous national titles. Getting back into buggies, he won the Rookie Championship his first year back, and has been a top racer ever since. He won the national 2WD championship 3 years in a row, various national events, and consistently makes the A final at the Belgian GP. Before coming to X Factory, Elvo mostly raced Losi cars, although he has also been seen with an Associated B4, and helped design and race the Atomic Carbon S2.


Elvo says his favorite class is 2WD, “Always has been, always will be. It's what got me started, it's what I'm good at, it's –in my opinion– the class that requires the most skill.” Although he occasionally races on road cars in the winter, he believes that, “Real big boys play in the dirt.”


Elvo is happy to join the X Team, “X-Factory is great. They're the fizz in the glass of water that is the R/C industry. They're not afraid to try something new, old, weird, anything…” Fellow teammate Tom Cockerill believes Elvo will certainly help the company experiment and design new cars, “He seems to know anything and everything there is to know about RC Cars, he will be a major asset to the team in the future.” Team Manager Paul Sinclair agrees, “Since Elvo has joined X Factory, the entire team has gotten faster. His insight into design and set-up is simply unparalleled, and combined with X Factory's exciting products and ideas the entire family is certain to go faster."


Elvo is looking forward to 2009. “I plan to do the national series, which is Belgium and Holland together, so plenty of opportunities for jokes and general banter there. In January there's the Petit race, which is in England now. I hope to enjoy some of that good British dry wit there, I'm sure Dan, Tom and Ellis will not let me down! The Brits come down to Belgium for the beer; the Belgians go to England for the dry wit. I also look forward to the Euros in Bilbao.”

Outside of R/C cars, Elvo has a degree in engineering, and works as a Systems Engineer for a banking and insurance company. He enjoys riding his motorcycle, mountain biking, skiing and travelling; he and his girlfriend recently trekked through Patagonia. Bruno “Elvo” Heremenes is sponsored by X Factory and CS-Electronic, and LRP.