X Factory | Yuichi Ajishi

For a long time Yuichi Ajishi has been one of the top drivers in the Japanese Off-Road RC scene. In 2003 he won the 1/8th Gas All-Japan national title, a class he's finished second in three other times, including 2007. On the electric side of things, Yuichi finished in the top 10 several times, including a 2nd place finish in 4wd in 2003, before taking a break for a few years to focus on gas.

Team AJ has been known for a long time in Japan as a dealer and distributor of fine RC-car parts. X Factory was thrilled in 2008 when Mr. Ajishi-san agreed to distribute our products in Japan. As part of his dedication to the X Factory brand, Yuichi has once again began participating in electric off-road racing, driving the X - 6 Squared in 2wd competition. Most notably, in 2009 he finished 5th at the All-Japan Championship, a remarkable accomplishment for someone who has not driven electric cars for several years.