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X-6 Squared Debuts in U.S. and U.K.!


Brian Kinwald's X 6 Squared. A blue glow antenna is in the second antenna mount position.

Paul Sinclair's X 6 Squared.


The new X 6 Squared makes its debut this weekend in major races on both sides of the Atlantic. X Factory Team drivers have the updated version of The New Math at the Petit Race in U.K. and the CRCRC MidWinter in Columbus, Ohio.

U.K. drivers Ellis Stafford, Dan Greenwood, and Tom Cockerill will be joined at the Petit Race by new X-Team drivers Cyril Baldini (France), Bruno "Elvo" Heremans (Belgium), and Stefan Mesker (Netherlands). They will be driving the X 6 Squared as well as the new X 60 truck Conversion and the 4WD X 5 Squared.

On the other side of the Atlantic, Brian Kinwald and Paul Sinclair will intro the X 6 Squared at the 22nd Annual C.R.C.R.C. MidWinter Championships. From the pits in Columbus, Brian said, "I got my car three weeks ago and absolutely love it. The quality of all the parts is by far better than anything we had before."

Chief Engineer Paul Sinclair added, "Just like the truck, the X 6 Squared represents a huge step forward for X Factory. The new car is simpler, higher quality, and retains all the on-track characteristics of the great original X 6. The Squared is so much quicker and easier to build and work on."

"Our schedule right now is to ship the X 6 Squared to distributors and dealers the last week of January, and release it to the public on our web site in early February, said Chazz. Customers will be able to get the Squared most quickly through their local hobby shop."

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