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Pictures of the X-6 Squared with New Body!


The exciting new X - 6 Squared body arrived at the CRCRC MidWinter on Saturday afternoon, and Brian & Paul fitted them for the mains on Sunday. As you might expect, the Squared body is similar but distinctive with a more agressive look. J Concepts designers have "squared off" the original shell and added a cooling vent on the right side of the cabin to cool the motor's endbell with the 4-Gear transmission.

The new body will fit the original X - 6, and the original body will fit the new X - 6 Squared; so don't worry, both bodies will fit both cars.


"The CF shop is making shock towers and battery straps right now," said company president Chazz Sinclair. "And the chassies are already here." Paul added, "We'll wait to hear from the U.K.Boyz about body fit, but mine fits great here in Columbus, and I love the changes to my great Kolors By Kropy paint scheme. Jason only has to put the antenna dimples in and we should be able to give the 'go ahead' on the bodies."

Chazz said, "We hope to have the 6 Squared ready to ship to the Dealer Family the last week in January, and it will go on www.2wdrc.com a few days after that. We will ship overseas dealers first, then U.S. stores so the car is in stock on their shelves at the same time everywhere. The fastest way to get an X - 6 Squared is at your local hobby store. If your local store does not carry X Factory products, encourage the owner to contact us."