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X-6 Squared Makes Great Debut!


With great anticipation we awaited the start of the Petit RC race at Maritime Raceway in U.K. the weekend of Jan 16-18. Six of the eight European X-Team drivers would participate with their new cars, three with the brand new X - 6 Squared. The results were fantastic, as all six drivers finished in the top 20.

This great annual race would have triple A mains, and double B mains!


The X Factory Team from Left to Right: Cyril, Bruno, Tom, Stefan, Dan, and Ellis.




Saturday morning started off with a bang. In Buggy, Ellis Stafford’s Squared TQed round one by almost 5 seconds over the second place car. Bruno Heremans was 7th, Cyril Baldini 8th, both driving X – 6s, and Dan Greenwood 9th with Tom Cockerill 10th, both driving Squareds.

Round two saw Stafford TQ again, this time the only car on 16 laps, with Cockerill 5th, Heremans 7th, Baldini 9th, and Greenwood 11th. In the end, the six X-Team drivers qualified this way:

2nd Ellis Stafford
3rd Tom Cockerill
11th Bruno Heremans
12th Cyril Baldini
17th Dan Greenwood
20th Stefan Mesker

Cockerill won the first A main, with Stafford second. A2 saw Cockerill 2nd and Stafford 3rd, so after two races, Tom had the best score. After qualifying, Tom had commented, “Car was very good, could really push it without losing it and was turning quick laps.” Unfortunately Cockerill broke a control arm in A3 and finished second overall, with Ellis Stafford also on the podium in third.

Bruno Heremans won both races to lock up the B main in his first major race with the X – 6, while Cyril Baldini, driving his first-ever 2wd race finished second in the B. Very impressive! Dan Greenwood wound up 7th and Stefan Mesker 10th in the B.




In truck, Stafford drove his X – 60 to TQ, while Greenwood qualified 3rd and Cockerill 4th. Only eight trucks ran in this event, but four of them were X – 60s. After three A main races, Stafford wound up second, Greenwood 3rd, and Cockerill.

As part of the celebration, X Factory, along with D,M,S, Models (U.K.) and Select Model Shop (France) gave an X – 60 Conversion Kit to the youngest driver at the event. We’re not sure he knew what to make of the girls who presented his prize!




The 4WD event was held on Sunday and here again the X-Team drivers did well with their X – 5s. Round one saw Tom Cockerill 6th, Dan Greenwood 9th and Cyril Baldini, in his first race with the X – 5, 10th. Stafford was 4th in round two, with Greenwood 6th and Baldini 7th. Tom was just outside the top ten at 11th.

Round 3 finished with the X–Team 6 through 8, Stafford-Greenwood-Baldini and Cockerill again 11th. Tom came back to take 5th in round four, with the rest of the Team 7-8-9. So there were four X – 5s in the A main!

5th Tom Cockerill -- on fire all weekend!
7th Ellis Stafford
8th Dan Greenwood
9th Cyril Baldini -- French 4WD ace in his first big race for the X-Team.

A1 was an X Factory lock on 5-6-7 with the order Stafford, Cockerill, Greenwood. Ellis set the fastest lap of that race. In A2 the Team was 5-6-7 again, but this time Greenwood, Baldini, Stafford, with Ellis and Cyril having a good race for the last few minutes. A3 saw Ellis 6th and the others 8-9-10.

So Stafford finished 6th, Greenwood 7th, Cockerill 9th, and Baldini 10th. What a great finish with a car that’s at its best on outdoor dirt tracks!


Special Thanks to Petit RC.