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Close-Up of New X-6 Squared Chassis!


Finally! A close-up photo of their new X 6 Squared chassis showing several more refinements:


  • Battery slots no longer go completely through the chassis. Adds strength and LiPo drivers do not need the slots, Interior of the car stays cleaner.
  • Two servo mounting positions, forward and back allows drivers to move that heavy component for tuning.
  • Bottom covers from original X 6 eliminated, replaced with brass bushings to hold front of rear hinge pins. Saves a step in assembly and eliminates four steel screws to save weight.
  • Large center stiffening brace replaced by two smaller braces to produce better molding conditions. Stronger design saves weight a double win!
  • Chassis sides angled up for better ground clearance in corners.
  • Choice of two antenna mount positions show clearly here.
  • Fewer parts + fewer screws = Newest Math!!!


Chief Engineer Paul Sinclair reported, "We've worked to make this car easier to work on and higher quality too. Our X 60 truck has been very successful, with great reviews from the customers for finish and quality, so we have carried most of the great new features from the 60 over now into the X 6 Squared. And as a driver I can tell you it is sooo dialed."

X Factory president Chazz added, "There have been a few small delays, but nothing like what we experienced with the 60. The instruction manual and box label will go to the printer on Monday Feb 2 and if all goes well the first X 6 Squared Kits will be headed to the Distributor Family next Friday. Customers will always get their X 6 Squared fastest by purchasing from one of our fine dealers all over the world."