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X-6 Squared Shipping Now!


“We are shipping the new X – 6 Squared Kits to our distributors now,” said X Factory president Chazz. “The first Kits were shipped Friday, and more went out Saturday Feb 14, so we’re about half-way through that. It’s President’s Day on Monday in the U.S. and we can’t ship anything, but we’ll be packing boxes all day so distributor orders will finish Tuesday afternoon. Then we’ll go right into shipping the dealers. Look for the distinctive red X – 6 Squared box next to the blue X – 60 box at your hobby store very soon.


“The X – 6 Squared is the biggest product launch we’ve ever had at X Factory. We have almost as many Kits pre-sold to the distributor and dealer Family as we sold in the entire year 2007,” Chazz continued. “The Squared will go up on our web site for retail sales late this week. Everybody will be able to get their Squared most quickly through their local hobby store.”

U.K. National Champion Ellis Stafford added, “The X – 6 Squared improves quality and makes many refinements in the original car while retaining all the great features of the original X - 6. For instance, customers have asked us to make the rear arms reversible, so we designed an all-new arm with the bonus of greatly improved quality. We kept the geometry identical to the original car, so that meant we must change the shock tower. When we did that, we decided to slightly increase the up-travel – otherwise the geometry is identical – and, here’s the cool part, Team Manager and Chief Engineer Paul Sinclair was able to make the new tower dip down a bit more in the centre to better match the wing.”

Belgian star Bruno “Elvo” Heremans commented, “The big thing for X Factory was to be certain that all the new parts fit the original car. You’ll want the whole Squared Kit because it includes the new one-piece chassis with all the improvements and the new body, but if a driver wishes he can just get a set of arms and a shock tower. They will bolt right on the original X – 6 and then you’d have better quality reversible arms.”

Chief Engineer Paul Sinclair added, "Just like the truck, the X – 6 Squared represents a huge step forward for X Factory. The new car is simpler, higher quality, and retains all the on-track characteristics of the great original X – 6. The Squared is so much quicker and easier to build and work on."

Chazz added, “You’ll never believe the problems we face getting a new product into distribution. If we could design the car, build some prototypes, race them, and then the Kits would magically jump onto the dealers’ shelves, this business would be so simple! We wrote the instruction manual and took it to the printer. They printed one as a proof and we checked it over – ‘Looks good, make us a thousand.’ On Feb 10th they delivered 1,000 manuals, every one missing the Front End Installation section! Luckily we caught it and they were able to deliver 250 correct ones on Friday the 13th. We got the rest on Monday. Now who would expect that the launch of an R/C race car would be held up by a printing problem?”