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The K021 X - 6 Squared Entire Car

It's been a long time coming. “We will soon release our first complete Kit,” said X Factory president Chazz in late February.
He added, “It’s a giant step forward for us. Like everything X Factory has done, this will be a top-of-the-line race car.”
Indeed it has been a long time coming. While this technically isn't the first entire car X Factory has released (the X - 5 was briefly sold as an entire package when xx4's were available), this will be the frist X Factory kit where no donor car is used, either by the Family or behind the scenes at X Factory's facility. Engineer Paul said, "Each car we've made has been a greater percentage 'ours': The X - 5, X - 6, X - 6 Squared, and so on. This entire car features our own top shaft, our own slipper plates, our own CVD sets... the greatest percentage of X Factory bits of any car yet."

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"X Factory has always been about the race track," Chazz explained. "Because of that, we wanted our first real whole kit to have all the upgrades, to be a top-level kit." The list of parts is impressive:
  • The new XF 5800 C-CVD's, with the latest white retaining rings
  • Lunsford 'Punisher' Titanium Turnbuckles
  • JConcepts black Ballcups
  • Lunsford Titanium broached ballstuds
  • Black annodized shims for the entire suspension
  • XF 2601 Front trailing axles
  • XF 1006 'plastic' chassis
  • X Factory's famously smooth 4-gear transmission
The K021 X - 6 Squared Entire Car still uses the AE front end, transmission internals, etc that the X - 6 Squared has always used. But we didn't want our quest for a top-level car to stop where the AE parts started. Continuing the list of features from above, the AE parts used on the kit are equally impressive - this IS a top-level racing kit:

  • Factory Team Aluminum Front Brace
  • Factory Team 30o Front Caster Blocks
  • Factory Team HD Servo Saver Spring
  • B44 rear hub carriers and oversized bearings
  • Ball-bearings throughout, including the steering
  • Factory Team threaded shock bodies
X Factory’s distributors and many dealers have already placed orders and the Kit should be on its way to fine model shops all over the world early in March. Customers will get Kits most quickly from their local hobby store. Shortly after shipping to the dealers, the X – 6 Squared Kit will be available on X Factory’s web store.
X Factory will continue to make and sell the X – 6 Squared Conversion Kit for those who prefer to convert a B4.
Kit price will be lower than a new B4FT kit + X – 6 Squared Conversion Kit, and the Kit contains many hop-up items most drivers would buy extra. Stay tuned for more information, body-off pics, and further details. We're excited, we hope the family is too!
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