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X – 6 Squared IS HERE!


The first round of the South African Electric Off-Road Championship was held in Kimberley, better known for its diamonds and big hole, drivers from all over SA descended on this famous town to participate.

The weather was great and conducive to racing, during the practice sessions the new X Factory X-6 Squared and X-60 drew many a driver closer to take a look at these awesome cars and there were many “wow’s and woo’s” heard on the drivers stand as the cars made their way easily around the track. One of the driver even said it looked like a 4wd and he was totally amazed when we told him that it was the new X-6Sq 2wd. Many of the top drives expressed interest and were wondering how they would perform.

Saturday saw the start of the qualifiers, there would be 3 rounds. The track was in great condition and the traction was average, but as the day got warmer the traction dropped, the drivers would have to know their stuff if they wanted a good result.


Round 1 of 2wd Modified

Charl had a bad start and was running in 6th, but quickly moved through the field with some good lap times and was catching Abri for 2nd. Charl’s best lap time was 33.36 sec.

1 7 Ryno Pienaar 9/ 311.81
2 2 Abri Kohn 9/ 330.77
3 3 Charl McGregor 9/ 331.66

Round 2 of 2wd Modified

Charl had a great start and took the lead on the opening lap; he dominated from the front going faster on every lap. Charl’s best lap time was 33.1 sec.

1 3 Charl McGregor 9/ 308.47
2 1 Adrian Schutte 9/ 330.77
3 7 Ryno Pienaar 9/ 331.81

Round 3 of 2wd Modified

Charl once again had a great start and lead the whole race, demonstrating the awesome stability, speed and jumping capability of the X-6 Sq; he put in constant fast laps and his best lap time was 32.07 sec.

1 3 Charl McGregor 9/ 305.64
2 7 Ryno Pienaar 9/ 328.13
3 4 Brandon Joint 9/ 334.82

Final Qualifying Order of 2wd Modified

1 Graham Hewer 9/ 301.99 Losi XXX-CR
2 Charl McGregor 9/ 305.64 X Factory X-6 Sq
3 Gerrit Gouws 9/ 308.44 Associated B4

2WD A Main 1

Charl quickly moved to the front and started pushing some fast lap times, Gerrit Gouws was pushing hard, but Charl’s constant fast laps kept him ahead, his best lap time was 31.35 sec.

1 Charl McGregor 10/ 322.56
2 Gerrit Gouws 10/ 328.35
3 Graham Hewer 9/ 300.24

2WD A Main 2

Charl had a very bad start and was caught in a collision on lap 1, dropping him to 8th place, but he managed to work his way into 6th position where he finished. His fastest lap time was 32.25 sec

1 Kenny Morey 9/ 302.85
2 Ryno Pienaar 9/ 328.13
3 Jaco Van Eeden 9/ 310.64
4 Peter Jansen Van Vuuren 9/ 315.36
5 Gerrit Gouws 9/ 316.05
6 Charl McGregor 9/ 320.31

2WD A Main 3

Charl again had a great start and was in the lead, with Graham hot on his heals, on lap 7 Graham managed to pass Charl and they exchanged the lead at almost every corner, but on the final lap Graham managed to get the inside line going onto the straight piping Charl by 1.28 secs. Charl’s fastest lap time was 33.5 sec.

1 Graham Hewer 9/ 305.70
2 Charl McGregor 9/ 306.98
3 Peter Jansen Van Vuuren 9/ 314.98

Final Results of 2WD A Main

1 Graham Hewer 3 points (3, 2, 1) Losi XXX-CR
2 Charl McGregor 3 points (1, 6, 2) X Factory X-6 Sq
3 Gerrit Gouws 6 points (5, 7, 1) Associated B4

Stadium Modified Qualifiers - Round 1

Dale had a bad start getting tangled in a collision on the first lap, bad luck struck again when the ball cup stripped on the steering servo putting Dale out of the race. His best lap time was 34.28 sec.

1 3 Riaan Truscott 9/ 308.42
2 4 Riaan Opperman 9/ 323.32
3 1 Juan Tolmay 8/ 321.43
4 5 Martin Mostert 9/ 308.78
5 2 Dale Preston 6/ 223.72

Stadium Modified Qualifiers - Round 2

Dale had a good start and moved into the lead, a slower lap on lap 3 dropped Dale to 2nd and on lap 5 a charging Riaan and a few mistakes cost him his 2nd place. Dale's best lap time was 34.83 sec.

1 6 Ryno Pienaar 9/ 323.86
2 4 Ryno Opperman 9/ 333.93
3 2 Dale Preston 9/ 334.16

Stadium Modified Qualifiers - Round 3

Dale again got caught up in a tangle on the second lap and dropped from 2nd to 4th position; he managed to pass the Jaun on the next lap to take 3rd place. His best lap time was 33.38 sec.

1 3 Riaan Truscott 9/ 306.27
2 4 Riaan Opperman 9/ 320.69
3 2 Dale Preston 9/ 323.78

Final Qualifying Order of 2wd Stadium Modified

1 Riaan Truscott 9/ 306.27 Losi XXX-T MF
2 Brendan Du Preez 9/ 309.24 Associated T4
3 Sean Edwards 9/ 320.25 Losi XXX-T MF
4 Riaan Opperman 9/ 320.69 Associated T4
5 Abri Kohn 9/ 323.33 Associated T4
6 Dale Preston 9/ 323.78 X Factory X-60

Modified Stadium A Main 1

Dale had a steady start and with some constant lap times moved through the field into 3rd position. His best lap time was 32.15 sec.

1 Riaan Truscott 10/ 331.92
2 Brendan Du Preez 9/ 307.37
3 Dale Preston 9/ 310.95
4 Sean Edwards 9/ 322.95
5 Abri Kohn 9/ 325.11
6 Riaan Opperman 9/ 326.35

Modified Stadium A Main 2

Dale once again had a steady start, he got caught in a tangle on lap 3 and was demoted to 7th position, he had to work hard to move through the pack to get into 4th position with some constant lap times, his best being 33.07 sec.

1 Riaan Opperman 9/ 317.54
2 Sean Edwards 9/ 317.85
3 Dirk Badenhorst 9/ 322.16
4 Dale Preston 9/ 324.20

Modified Stadium A Main 3

Dale had an excellent start and moved up to 2nd position, by lap 4 he moved into the lead with the pack chasing hard, but on the last lap he ran wide to miss a stranded car only to go off the track thereby loosing 2 positions, he finished in 3rd. His best lap time was 33.24 sec.

1 Brendan Du Preez 9/ 307.14
2 Sean Edwards 9/ 312.06
3 Dale Preston 9/ 312.62

Modified Stadium Final Results

1 Brendan Du Preez 3 points (2, 5, 1) Associated T4
2 Sean Edwards 4 points (4, 2, 2) Losi XXX-T MF
3 Dale Preston 6 points (3, 4, 3) X Factory X-60

The X Factory cars performed exceptionally and not one part was broken or replaced during the event.

For a driver that has never race a Stadium truck before and only getting the kits on the Thursday evening, the X-60 was a pleasure to drive and could be driven fast with ease. It also was very stable on the jumps, many of the stadium truck drivers commented on its stable jumping ability.

Considering what little time Charl had to get used to and set-up the X-6Sq, as mentioned earlier the kits arrived on the Thursday before the event, and considering it was only his second event driving a 2wd Modified (previous time he qualified 7th) I would say that the X-6Sq is a real easy car to drive fast and consistently.

Unfortunately due to the late arrival of the kits I could not build the X-5Sq in time, however there were a few racers who were interested in the conversion kit. I will be demonstrating the car at the next club race for those who were interested.

We will definitely see the number of X Factory car increased at our next national in Pretoria.