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K021 X - 6 Squared Kit Shipping to Dealers

The new X Factory X – 6 Squared Kit is shipping to dealers today. This is the first time X Factory has sold the entire X – 6 Squared. The new K 021 includes all the genuine AE parts needed to build an X – 6 Squared and, of course, all the great X Factory parts as well. This is the most complete and extensive Kit X Factory has ever done.
  Squared Kits were shipped to X Factory importer/distributors last week, and they are already shipping Kits to their model shop customers. Now X Factory is shipping to its direct dealers in other countries all over the world. As always, the fastest way to get the latest kit is at your nearest X Factory dealer; if there are none near you ask your local hobby store why!

“Dealer demand has been more than we expected,” said X Factory spokesman Chazz, “and we have been forced to re-order the AE parts already. Further, we're set to release a group of new parts from the K021, so we've been busy packaging those up. Final orders from dealers are still coming in and we are shipping as quickly as possible.
“The Kits have been ready to ship for over two weeks, but the instruction manual has been the sticking point. We experienced an unfortunate delay as a customer much bigger than we took up their press time with a huge order. But our manuals are printed now, and we have enough manuals in this first order for several months’ sales.”
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