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X Factory Releases "Quick Change" Battery Kit!


X Factory, responding to input from customers, releases a kit to allow faster removal of the batteries from the X – 6 Squared and X – 60 less wear on the Chassis.

Chief Engineer Paul Sinclair said, “Many Family members live and race in places where LiPo batteries must be removed from the car for charging. Also, many who use cells instead of LiPo want to remove them to charge or store. The X – 6 Squared’s CF battery strap is held in with flathead screws which go into posts in the chassis. Constant installation and removal of these screws could damage the threads in the chassis over time, and this new kit eliminates the problem.


“Many owners of the X – 60 truck have converted from the Kit-supplied nuts to thumb screws, but that will not work for the X – 6 Squared because the body sits too low. The new Quick change kit contains four 1” long set-screws that can be installed in place of the standard bolts with an Allen driver and four low-profile locking nuts which are just low enough to clear the buggy’s body.

“We think truck owners will like this kit because the set-screws can be installed so they barely protrude above either the supplied low-profile nuts or a thumb screw, thus making a neater installation.”

Part # 1225, Battery Quick change kit, has already been shipped to fine hobby stores around the globe, and is also available on our website here.