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Racing Success in the UK

While there's great coverage of the BRCA electric Off-Road nationals, like anywhere else in the RC Universe on the 'off' weekends there's tons of racing going on all over the UK. This past weekend X Factory turned in some awesome results in those regional races; good enough that UK Distributor DMS sent us a quick email about it:
"Hi Chazz/Paul,
Just to let you guys know that the “dirt race” at the Proline Dirt Arena went very well for us, Kevin Lee set TQ and won the meeting.

We had 6 X - 6²’s in the A and I even crept in, qualifying 10th place and finished 9th on a set up very close to what Paul sent me [Paul's Note: It was the US Starting Set-Up, with 57/25wt in the rear]. It turned out that we could not run traction additive. The only things I changed was I increased the rear anti-squat slightly (as Paul suggested) to give a little bit more pivot in the corners, the car was very easy to drive and went well all day (once I woke up and stopped crashing!).

An unusual sight in the UK: an indoor dirt track!           
Mat Dodd also won his regional in the midlands, which sees him sit top of the championship at present, so all in all we had a very good weekend up and down the country.

Best Wishes  ~Darren"
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