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Dan Griffin Dominates Lake Erie Shootout!


Fresh off winning Mod 2wd Buggy and Truck at the April Fool's race at CRCRC, Dan Griffin traveled to ARCS Hobbies, one of the most popular indoor facilities in Northeast Ohio, to compete in their Lake Erie Shootout. There he joined X Factory Teammates CJ Weaver and Phil Carey along with lots of other drivers from Michigan, Pennsylvania, and all over Ohio.

Dan struggled a little bit in round one: "At most indoor midwest tracks traction can be very high, but you have to know just exactly which additive to put on your tires. Although many things felt quick, lap times showed what was really adding to the traction. With the wrong stuff on the tires I was off the pace in round one; I talked it over with Phil (who's a local) and got it together for the rest of the day." Dan went on to TQ rounds 2 and 3 with his X - 60 and won round 2 of 2wd mod with his X - 6 Squared.


Sunday morning as drivers showed up for the last round of qualifying and the mains they were greeted with a very high bite damp track. The Mod Truck class saw 2 possible poll sitters, Phil Carey and Dan Griffin, both driving X - 60s. Dan beat out Phil by just .4 seconds in the final round, giving him 3 TQs and thus the overall poll position.

Round 4 of 2wd was a slightly different story. "I was on a blistering pace early in the qualifier but bobbled trying to pass a backmarker. I ended up second for the round and thus 2nd on the grid overall, but I knew my X - 6 squared was the fastest 2wd buggy on the track. I was really confident heading into the mains."

Dan's confidence certainly showed through in the main events. Dan drove away with the truck main, leading with his X - 60 from the start tone to the finish. He wasn't just cruising though; Dan's X - 60 set the fast lap time of any 1/10th scale electric vehicle during the mains, and his race time would have nearly won the 4wd modified class! Dan commented, "There's no question the X - 60 provides a huge advantage on the track. Its so easy to drive; the only change I've made coming from the CRCRC race track was the tires." In 2wd Griffin made quick work of TQ Braydon, passing him in the first corner and running away from there.

Phil Carey, pulling double-duty with his X - 60, not only qualified 2nd in mod truck but also TQ'd and won the hotly-contested stock truck class. Congrats Phil!