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X Factory Weekend Success!


The weekend of May 9 & 10 saw great success for X Factory in the first U.K. National at Talywain in Wales and at The third French National at Montigny.

On Saturday Ellis Stafford and Phil Sleigh dominated qualifying with their X – 6 Squared buggies, each winning two heats. Stafford emerged on the pole with Sleigh right behind. Many rough patches on the main straight caught drivers out, and Stafford came a cropper there while leading all three A mains. Sleigh won A-2 and led much of A-3 before Danny McGee pipped him almost at the end of the ultimate lap, but Sleigh took a well-deserved win with an intelligent but fast drive – Phil’s first Nationals win in his first National race with The New Math.


On Sunday, X Team driver Cyril Baldini drove his X – 5 Squared to TQ and the win at Montigny in the third race of the French National Championship series. Baldini is the 2008 French Champion, and signed with X Factory last December, so this is his first season with a new car.


In Wales on Sunday, Ellis Stafford set the fastest lap in several qualifiers of the 4WD event, but again straightaway problems forced The Big E to settle for seventh on the grid. X Team driver Tom Cockerill, who was BQ and B-main winner on Saturday, lined up third on the grid with his X – 5 Squared on Sunday. Cockerill drove well all day to take second place, his best-ever Nationals finish, while Stafford avenged his bad luck the previous day by finishing 3rd in the 4WD race.

Photos of Phil Sleigh and his car used with permission from oOple. We suggest you look here for the complete Talywain story.