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Ellis Stafford Decals

They're worth 1/2 second per lap, we swear!

Now available from X Factory and D.M.S. Racing are Ellis Stafford’s personal decals as used on his 2009 National Championship X – 6 Squared. This decal sheet is made by Ellis’ sponsor Decal Designs in U.K. and is available in a very limited quantity.

The stickers include of course the X Factory and X – 62 stickers famous on the side and wing of the Championship car, but all of Ellis’ other sponsors as well: E-Speed, Dirtz Dialed Partz, M.I.P., Lunsford, RudeBits, and Decal Designs. These are the decal sheets included in the K 020 Ellis Stafford Championship Edition X – 6 Squared Conversion Kit.

The stickers are in Stafford’s trademark red, blue, and white so they will look great on many paint schemes. Also available from X Factory and D.M.S. are custom-painted replicas of Ellis’ X – 6 Squared shell from Kolors By Kropy. The new decal sheet will be perfect on one of those shells.

Part # 8239, just $1.00 more than the standard X – 6 Squared decal sheet.
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