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CNC Machined Pulleys Now Standard
In X-5 Squared Conversion Kits!


For more than a year we have sold great CNC machined pulleys for the X - 5 as D.D.P. parts. There has always been a problem with the molded X - 5 drive pulley, where the teeth were about .003" off center in the mold. Frankly, our molded pulleys were the weak spot on the car, and DDP005 was the very expensive answer.


X Factory has made a deal with the English machine shop that has supplied the beautiful CNC machined pulleys to purchase them in quantity at a lower price, and we are including them now as standard parts in all X - 5 Squatred Conversion Kits.

The K014 Higher Power UpGrade Kit now also contains the CNC machined pulleys along with all the other Squared components. If you still have an original X - 5, the Higher Power UpGrade is now an even greater value!

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You may upgrade any existing X - 5, Original or Squared, with part #5101 at $44.99. This part includes all three pulleys and is just about half of the original D.D.P. price. The K012 X - 5 Squared price has increased too because of these new pulleys, but we have held that increase to just $20.00.