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A New Website!

The story of X Factory - the background story - is at least partially told through its websites.

Paul Sinclair began racing in 1997, with one of the original Team Losi XX4's. Chazz, his father, helped as so many RC-dad's do: driving to the races, helping wrench, picking up lunch, and so on. Paul's racing activities soon expanded to 2wd buggy and soon enough Truck, but racing 4wd was the early favorite.

The X - 5 developed out of this love of 4-wheel-drive racing. It began as an idea, a suggestion: combine the two Team Losi 4wd cars into an even better one. Chazz, retired from real work, asked Paul "Do you want to try this? Do you think we could do this?"
"Sure, why not?" That was the start.

To begin there wasn't any thought about cost, inventory, team drivers, and certainly not a website. When it came time to actually create a place to announce the X - 5's development, and perhaps to sell a few kits, the popularity 4wd class as a whole was low. Inspiring growth in the whole class would inspire interest in the X - 5, so the website www.4wdrc.com was born. The site intially carried news about all 4wd kits, from the new JConcepts BJ4 to developments about the Yokomo MR4BC, and coverage of the 4wd class at every race Chazz and Paul attended.
Success came for the small company, especially as Greg Hodapp joined the team and won the ROAR Nationals in 2005. Along with it the 4wdrc website saw some major growth. X Factory started to look for the next thing: if the X - 5 was a success, what should follow it?
  The development of www.2wdrc.com, a sister site in form and fuction to the 4wdrc pages, heralded the development of X Factory's mid-motored X - 6 buggy. This new site was more X Factory specific though; not only is the 2wd buggy field much more limited, but most of the early news stories followed the development of the new car. Pictures of the prototypes, the molds, and technical details abounded, and of course race coverage expanded to the 2wd buggy class on the new site.

Soon enough though, X Factory turned toward its next project, the X - 60 truck. As the store had already moved to a stand-alone site, creating another whole new area for the truck seemed excessive. It was obvious that X Factory needed a new website; something to consolidate all the information while updating the old architecture.

While the new site was conceived during the X - 60's development, building and releasing two new kits, a few server issues, and physically moving X Factory in to a bigger building have slowed down the development.

We definitely think the wait has been worth it though; the new site is a significant step forward. Just as the quality of our recent kits has improved, the X Factory site continues to reflect on the our growth and development.

So click around, see what you can find. There are more developments and additions to the site still coming, and a few features that will show up in time. Glad to have you with us, thanks for your continued support!