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New front axle for X - 6's and B4's!

For a long time X Factory X - 6 and AE RC10B4 owners have had two choices for the front axle of the car: the standard trailing axle which secures the wheel with a 5-40 locknut, or the 'Factory Team' light-weight aluminum option which uses a button head 4-40 screw. While the button head screw on the FT option is dialed because it doesn't catch on track barriers, the aluminum the axles aren't quite up to the task: they're well-known for snapping off at the worst possible moments and you get to watch as the free front wheels rolls right on down the track.
We here at X Factory thought: "We can fix that." A quick bit of CAD work and a call to MIP got the process started. The XF 2601 axles are made from high-quality steel, but made hollow to keep them light weight. A quick moment at the postal scale reveals that each axle only weights 1 gram more than the AE 1585 FT axles, and these won't snap off leading the A main with 30 seconds to go.

So head on over to the X Factory Store Page and find them in the X - 6 Squared and X - 6 sections; or drop on by your local X Factory Dealer and pick some up. When your friends with B4's wonder how your X - 6 Squared just got that much more dialed, let them know that this latest part fits their car too ;)