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Real Men Wear Black Parts Now Online!

  The latest parts from X Factory, from the Real Men Wear Black line, are now on the X Factory's webstore and shipping around the world. Chazz explains, "As with all new parts from X Factory, we give our distributors and dealers a chance to order and get the new parts in. Most all our dealers have these great items in stock already. The parts are now up on our webstore and available to all.

"There is a small caveat though; the dealer sales of the new XF 1233 black motor plate exceeded expectations, so we're already out of them here at the shop! We are ordering more, but if you're interested in the black motor plate right away contact a dealer."
The first of the "Real Men Wear Black" parts is the XF 1226 Battery standoff kit. Like the 1225 kit it includes four 1" studs and 4 lock nuts to change the X Cars to a more quick-change battery mounting system. Unlike the 1225 part, it also includes 4 annodized stand-off pieces pefectly sized to raise the battery strap while keeping everything locked together. The lock nuts are annodized black as well.
The next part is the black annodized motor plate. This part fits right between the silver, clear-annodized XF 1232 motor plate and the blue, slotted, DDP 024 motor plate. As with the other RMWB parts, the black motor plate shows class without clamouring for attention.
While the 1241 servo mounts aren't technically new, when we decided to develop a line of black parts we knew they'd fit right in. These light aluminum pieces will bolt the servo into your X - 6², X - 60, B4, T4, or the new B4.1 and T4.1's. They certainly look sharp in any vehicle.

The last part being released with the initial Real Men Wear Black line is the XF 6452 black-annodized wheel washers. Like the motor plate, this part is a direct replacement of the XF 6451 standard wheel washers, just.... cooler. Sized to fit any common 3/16" axle, these wheel washers have the thankless job of acting as a hub and supporting the wheel. Who doesn't like knowing that behind their wheels are something this dialed?
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