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D.M.S. Racing Appointed UK Distributor for all X Factory Products!


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X Factory, maker of the X 5 and X 6 Conversion Kits, is proud to announce appointment of D.M.S. Racing as the official importer and distributor in U.K. of all X Factory products. D.M.S. will stock every Kit and part, as well as the complete line of Dirtz Dialed Partz and E-Speed parts, plus the full line of X Factory apparel, accessories, and Team apparel.

While D.M.S. will continue to support retail customers, they will distribute the entire X Factory line to model shops all over U.K. Darren Boyle, D.M.S. president, commented, "Several model shops have already committed to stock X Factory through us, and we look forward to serving others as well. All U.K. shops can buy direct from D.M.S. at attractive trade prices to save time and shipping costs." Thus, most U.K. model shops will be able to conveniently serve all U.K. racers.

Great DMS Staff.

Darren Boyle.

Chief Helper.

"I'm excited to take on this responsibility," said Boyle, a racer himself. "National Champion Ellis Stafford has shown the X 6 is obviously the fastest way round the track and we look forward to shops all over the country stocking this great car and its parts."

"Hey, the X 5 isn't exactly chopped liver," said X Factory owner Chazz. "We're happy to have D.M.S. as the local source of supply in U.K. They've done a great job for us as a dealer and we've already shipped most of their vastly increased distributor stock to them." Darren added, "You're right, Chazz, Ellis won the Indoor Finals and the Ozwestry round this year and Big E was in the championship hunt til the end. The X 5 is very fast indeed. We'll have a full stock to Do The Math!

Look for D.M.S. to announce new members of an X Factory race team soon. The current X Factory drivers, Tom Cockerill, Dan Greenwood, and Ellis Stafford will continue with X Factory, and will also help support the new D.M.S. team, bringing those young drivers up to speed quickly on the X-Cars.


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