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All New X-60 Conversion Ready for Prototyping!


X Factory announces the X 60, an all-new mid-motor Conversion Kit for the AE T4 is almost ready for final testing. As you can see from the photos, the mold for the chassis is almost finished. The mold shop says the tool will be finished this weekend, and the first production prototypes will be made.

All the X-Team drivers will begin testing molded chassies in the next 4-10 days depending on shipping times, with results forwarded to the home office in northwest Ohio by October 20. If all is well, full production of graphite chassies will begin immediately.


The rear control arms are finished, and full production graphite arms will be shipped to X Factory around Oct. 10th. The Team will be using production prototype rear shock towers and battery straps about the end of next week, so those items should be able to go into production on the 20th also.

Work has begun on the body mold, and we hope to have the prototype bodies about Oct 20 for photos and track testing. If everything fits here, looks good, and the downforce is correct, that part can go immediately into production too.


X Factory president Chazz said, "Everything has to be correct no problems of any sort with any part including fit and durability. If all is perfect, Brian will be using a full production prototype truck at the Reedy race, even including the new body. I will be there for that race, and on the Monday after will work on any production issues with the molding shop."


"Super excited," said Brian. "It's always big when you're driving a brand new car, working to get the set-up just right, doing really little things here and there so it's perfect, working out any bugs. And this is so great because Chazz will be right there and we can discuss and work out every little detail, then see our work go straight to production!"


Chazz added, "The 60 has been Brian's baby right from the start. It's been about 10 months since that first race in Milwaukee where his truck was soo fast. We had to put the project on hold a bit for the summer race season, which has made it take a bit longer than we wanted, but it's all happening now."

Stay tuned for additional details as the Team begins its final work. You'll even see 60s in U.K.!!!

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