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X Factory Dominates 2010 Finnish Championship!

  X Factory's X - 6² has certainly made an impact in Finland. 2009, the first year the Squared was available, Jarno Siltanen won the 2wd title with Matti Eskelinen of http://www.rcm.fi finishing second. Over this past winter, X Factory won again, this time with Petri Ström taking the top spot and 4 X - 6²'s in the top 10. Finally, wrapping up the 2010 Summer racing, Matti sent us this email:

Yep, we [won] it again. It was another strong season for X-6 drivers here. Mostly there was like 4-5 drivers in A-Finals all season. And in the final results we had places 1, 2, 7 and 8.

The current Finnish Champion is Jani Hovi, the silver medalist is Karri Salmela, who is young and promising driver.
Matti / RCM, Finland"

Pictured here is Jani Hovi's winning X - 6². Congrats!
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