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First X-60 Pictures with Prototype Body!


These are the first photos showing the entire new body mounted on Paul's truck, and as X Factory has stated, we've not seen anything like it. The X - 60, expected to be on the market in about three weeks, converts the AE T4 into a mid-motor truck for improved handling in corners, over bumps, and in the air.

Contacted in the office, Chazz said, "We started for real in December '07, and thought we could be on the market in about nine months. So we said 'next fall' to give ourselves some cushion.

"Working out all this stuff took lots more time than any previous project, and we're still not finished. We're molding our own rear body mounts, and I pick up the first ones from the Toledo shop today. They must be air shipped to Paul so he can fit them his truck and mount the one remaining prototype body. He'll set the final location for body mount holes and antenna dimples, make the final cut lines, and send the body off to Jason. Then Jason must finish the mold and produce the bodies. So we're not quite there yet!"


Team driver Brian Kinwald said, "This thing is awesome. No other word needed. Awesome. It looks super-cool and is faster than any truck I've ever driven. All four of the Team trucks were dialed at the Reedy Race. Jeremy Felles put his in the Show with two great qualifying runs. Alex Krieg's truck was just stuck to the track. My X - 60 was super-dialed. In qualifier 3, a back-marker took me out while on a TQ run.

"We worked very hard on this truck, changing everything several times as we went along to make it perfect. Like, we tried five different chassis lengths until we got the one that works best at most tracks. The whole thing has taken lots longer than we thought, but, trust me, it is worth the wait.

And the body is great, Totally dialed!"


"Brian has added so much to the truck design," said chief engineer Paul Sinclair. "The X 6 was designed while Brian was very sick he hadn't joined X Factory yet and Brian has had more input on the 60 than anyone else. It's just amazing the things he knows and thinks about. Dirt is constantly trying new things. Even now his truck is nowhere near stock. But he kept driving us to make different prototypes of stuff, for example make lots of different shock towers to try different shock positions, and that all takes time.

"The truck is a different animal. The equations are the same, but the solutions come out different. Those big fluffy tires out there on those long control arms generate tons of traction and absorb bumps so well. Plus, because it's bigger, the truck is heavier than the buggy. The project in general, and working with Brian in particular, has made me a much better designer."


X 60 Kits will be shipped first to X Factory distributors who will in turn send them to their dealers, next to X Factory dealers. We hope all dealers world-wide receive their X - 60 Kits on the same day. While those Kits are in shipment, the official announcement will be made on this web site, and Family members will be welcome to purchase direct from us.

This means no matter where you live in the world, you will get your X 60 earliest by purchasing from your local hobby store. If you local store does not carry X Factory products, please encourage the owner to contact us at chazz@4wdrc.com.


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