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X-60 Delayed -- Problems with CF Parts

Should be Ready In About Two Weeks!

We have been let down by our CF supplier. He's had the C.A.D. in his hands for almost three months now and did produce the prototype battery straps you have seen in various pictures. They're really cool -- a great design from Paul.

We placed the order for hundreds of them over three weeks ago and have not received any so far.

This supplier has done all our X - 6 shock towers and all the E-Speed CF parts, and he indicated he would do the shock tower and batt strap for the 60 too. Then, a month ago, he said he could not make the towers and we shifted that production to another supplier. We got prototypes in about a week, gave the final order for production last Monday, and may have the first run of towers in our hands before Thanksgiving.


Now we are shifting battery strap production to this new supplier as well. In order to save time we will let him produce the first straps directly from the C.A.D. without seeing a prototype. The new supplier has been in this business a long time, so with any luck, we'll have the first batch before the end of November.

The towers and batt straps are the last parts. Everything else is in hand now or will be here before Thanksgiving. We even have the first batch of decals from Vinyl Graphics Unlimited.

So watch closely for the official announcement. Distributors will be shipped first, dealers second, and then the announcement made for retail sales. Purchase from an X Factory dealer will be the fastest way to get an X - 60 Kit. If your local hobby store does not carry X Factory, have the owner contact chazz@4wdrc.com and we'll get him on board. We still expect to have The New Math Truck shipped in time for Christmas.