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X Team does well at Clash!


The X-Team was out in force at the Clash Dec 11 14, taking second in buggy and 4WD and leading much of the 15-min truck enduro race until Brian Kinwald's battery dumped while he was on cruise control with a comfortable lead at the 12-min mark. Dirt qualified second, took over the lead on lap 3 and turned the only 24-sec laps of the race.

U.K. X-Team stalwart Tom Cockerill had a great steady drive with his X 5, taking it from 10th on the 4WD grid to nip into 2nd at the end.


In buggy, Brian Kinwald moved from 3rd on the grid to second on lap one, then was involved in a massive crash, coming out of it 11th. In just five laps, with what was clearly the fastest car on the track, The Dirtinator carved his way through the field to take over second, nine seconds behind leader Lee Martin. The 10-min race finished with Kinwald in second place three seconds behind and Paul Sinclair in fourth.

The three X Team drivers were in the A in every class they entered.


Family members Kory Ferguson and Chris Cristo both did remarkably well with their X 6 buggies and brand new X 60s. Ferguson made the B in mod truck, won that race to bump into the enduro A main, then stayed calm and steady to finish fourth! Nice job Kory! Ferguson is active duty Air Force as the gunner on a big C-130 gunship, and is headed back to Iraq for the umpteenth time to fly night missions over Baghdad.


Chris Cristo, a silicon chip engineer from Massachusetts, came down to Florida with his X 6 and a T4 entered in Super Stock (19-T). He had an X 60 Kit and we talked him into building it Thursday night after practice to start qualifying. Chris showed good skills to put both X Cars in the A. After returning home, Cristo was kind enough to post this on R/C Tech.

Every X Factory driver at the Clash put his X Cars in the A! An incredible performance. All photos here are from the Clash.