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X-60 For Sale Now!


The X 60 and all its parts are NOW on the store for sale!! However, we will not be able to begin shipping orders until after Christmas.

Late Wednesday Dec 17th we received this E-mail from the C.F. shock tower supplier.

On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 3:21 PM, _____________ wrote:
Hi Charles!
Looks like you had fun in Florida, I was watching. Good job!
Yes, your towers have already shipped, should be in your hands Friday or Saturday.
Thanks for your order!

We are writing this story Saturday afternoon, having received confirmation from the shipping company that our towers will be picked up today or Monday. So we won't receive them until Tuesday Dec 23rd at the earliest, and possibly not until the 26th.

We will ship as quickly as we can in the sequence orders are received. Some Kits may be shipped on Dec 27, but Dec 29 should be safe. It will be worth the wait...

Merry Christmas to all!