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Team AJ Galaxy Bodies Now Available!


Paul Sinclair running the AJ Galaxy body.
  The long-awaited Team AJ Galaxy bodies for the X - 6 and X - 6² are now here! Seen on both Brian Kinwald's and Paul Sinclair's cars over the last several months, these unique bodies offer a very different look compared to the standard X Factory body. "Ever since I've started running this body I've gotten tons of comments from nearly everyone at the track," says Paul Sinclair. "With it's distinctive cab shape separated from the rear motor area it's definitely a talking point, and since we've started runnig them lots of XF Family members have been asking when they could get one."
Brian Kinwald immediately took a liking to the body. "It's got a touch more steering than the stock X Factory body, but a little less rear traction. I mostly think it looks dialed, and it's more cab-forward than the standard one."

The AJ Galaxy body, part number OM 0501, is now avaiable on the Bodies page of the X Factory store. The shell comes by itself, with no wing or window masks. It does have the usual over-spray film and clear cut lines.
Both Sinclair and Kinwald run the body most often with the JConcepts 7" V wing
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