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Chazz "X Factory" Sinclair Sick Last Few Months.

What's been going on at X Factory?

Many R/C people have begun to notice the absence of one of the best-known and loved names in 1/10 off-road, Charles “Chazz” Sinclair, founder and, until a year ago, President of X Factory. Chazz began X Factory along with his son Paul in late 2004 with the first work on the X – 5 4wd buggy, a car which was very helpful with the resurgence of 4WD we enjoy today.

X Factory’s first U.S. National Championship was posted by Greg Hodapp driving his X – 5 to the win. By early 2006 Chazz and Paul had begun work on the first real molded chassis production mid-motor buggy, the X – 6, which in the hands of Ellis Stafford took the BRCA National Championship two years in a row, ’08 & ’09. In 2010 Stafford tied on points for first, losing out on his third title in a row on the tie break. The X – 6 and its newer brother, the X – 6 Squared, have now won over 11 different National Championships. We’ve come a long way in a short time.

Through that time Chazz had become a fixture around the pits working constantly to promote not just X Factory products, but R/C in general. There always seems to be some kind of crazy promotion going on around Chazz, all hoping to add to your fun and enjoyment. If you never heard him announce, you’ve missed a real treat as Chazz gives drivers on the stand the info they need while keeping the race exciting for the spectators.

So where has Chazz been the last few months? To put it simply, he has been gravely ill and in the hospital much of the time. Chazz suffered a small stroke last summer; while in the hospital for that however the doctors discovered cancer of the throat and tongue. The surgery , chemotherapy, and radiation treatments for this have been planned and on-going over the last several months. Then in mid-December Chazz caught Sepsis, a biological infection of the blood. There was serious fear for his life and Chazz has been hospitalized most of the time since then.

Why are we writing and posting this now? A few reasons. First, we finally have some good news to share about Chazz's condition. The antibiotics have been working well, and the doctors are encouraged not only about the infection but also the results of the radiation and chemotherapy treatments. On Jan 18 he was discharged from the hosptial, though he still checks in 7 days a week for the medicine and check-ups. Chazz still isn't working at all, but recovery is a daily, ongoing process. Second, enough XF family members have emailed, phoned, or posted quesitons that we believed it prudent to post a public message.

Needless to say, all of this has caused some understaffing at X Factory. While a few things have shipped later than we would like, and our communicaiton hasn't been the best, we want to assure the world that X Factory is moving forward as a company, that parts are flowing in from vendors and orders are shipping out to shops and customers. Work on the new 4wd car is continuing. As Chazz is at home recovering, Paul is spending more time at the shop and getting things back on schedule.

When will Chazz be back? We certainly expect and hope soon, with your prayers. The support we've received already from the great R/C Community has been incredible. This wonderful X Factory Family he worked so hard to create has been a major force sustaining his life, and we mean that literally. Thank you all for your understanding and compassion.
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