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X - 7 Prototype Tested At Cactus Classic

X Factory showed off its new 4WD car for the first time at the recently completed Cactus Classic. As usual, the testing was done in public but without fanfare, so few people realized what they saw.

These photos show the prototype X 7 with a J Concepts body made for the B44. The production car will have its own body this one works for now.

Im so excited about this car, said Chief Engineer Paul Sinclair. We dont work outside the box because we have no box. The X 7 is absolutely revolutionary. You have never seen a driveline like this, you have never seen adjustability this easy or quick. Working on the car is very easy; I can pull a diff, rebuild it, and have the car ready to run in 10 minutes.

Clayton Easley, who drove the car in 13.5 Super-Stock at Cactus, said The platform is definitely there. We have a long way to go, and well have the details worked out in a few months.

These photos show the car run out in Arizona. The blue body was used in practice, and Clayton and Pauls own bodies arrived on Friday for qualifying.

Paul added, Were working very hard on this project. We will make almost everything on the car it will be a complete Kit, not a Conversion. This is the first time Ive actually designed everything on car from the ground up. There is a long way to go, lots of testing and development. Ellis Stafford will have my original race prototype sometime next week, while I build another for myself. It's much too early to talk about actual production dates, but we hope to have it on the market late this year or spring of 2012.

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