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X Factory Sweeps 2nd Round
of Belgium-Dutch Nationals!

This past weekend was the 2nd round of the Belgium-Dutch national series, held at MBV Kampenhout. X Factory's team drivers were in touch to let us know of their outstanding success:

"I rolled it once in the first round of qualifying, which dropped me from a TQ pace down to fourth in that round," wrote Elvo. "Kept it on it's wheels for the next two runs, finishing 2nd in round 2 and taking the TQ in the last round. Stefan had two seconds and a first through, so he wrapped up the overall top spot."

Willem-Jan Keyaerts, another X Factory driver sponsored through XF Dealer Hobby Car Shop, rounded out the top 3. There were two more X - 6²'s in the A main. In the finals, Stefan ran away with the race, leading from tone to tone. Elvo and Willem-Jan separated themselves from the pack and battled it out, with Willem-Jan eventually securing the second spot. Elvo finished his email: "I've said it before and I'll say it again: the X - 6 is dialed."
Stefan Mesker TQ'd and won with his X - 6 Squared.

Pictures courtesy of RC-OffRoad.be; click either to enlarge.
2wd A-final #1:

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