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X Factory’s Stefan Mesker drove his SCX – 60 to a smashing win at the first Short Course Shoot-out on Sept 24. The race, at Bergschenhoek MVB, was the largest short course race ever held in The Netherlands with over 60 entries, and Stefan won every qualifier and all three A mains.

The track was fast, with a bit of dust on it, but as the day went along it became faster and faster, ending up almost blue groove. Mesker’s original SCX – 60 was dialed. Stefan said, “The spectators kept asking me about the car; it was so stable, had so much raw speed, and so much grip.” In each A main event, Mesker’s fast lap was a mid-23; nobody else had a fast lap lower than 24.5. Stefan won A-1 & A-2 with the only 15-lap runs, and A-3 by 12 seconds!

Mesker continued, “Driving the SCX – 60 was like cheating, and the SCX – 60CF will be even better. The mid-motor concept works even better in short course than in buggy. I can’t wait to get my prototype of the new carbon fiber truck! They look so cool.”
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