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X Factory announces a new tire wash in a giant 8-oz bottle. This cleaner is especially formulated to clean thoroughly with no effect on the tire’s traction or softness. Comes with a spray top; just spray it on, brush to a lather, wipe off. Dries quickly with no residue so traction compound can be applied soon. No need to remove the tire from the car.

With the new X Factory wash you will no longer must have a bucket of dirty water on the floor to kick over, or take all your tires down to the track’s wash station, wait in line, then “clean” in a bucket of dirty water. No longer will you wash in water full of who-knows-what traction sauce and unknown soaps. No more splashing dirty water all over.

Just quick, neat, and clean right in your own pit and a tire that’s ready to go just as it was before.
Perfect for off- or on-road use.

Available from fine hobby stores and the X Factory web site.

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