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Photo L to R : John Cravotta, 2nd in mod truck with
X - 60, 3rd. in mod S.C. with SCX - 60CF, Chris Cristo,
TQ & 1st, mod truck with X - 60CF, and Mike Aliberti,
6th in mod buggy with X - 6 Squared.




Chris Cristo and John Cravotta dominated the mod truck class at the eighth running of the Gobbler Classic held by R/C Excitement in Fitchburg, MA. Cristo drove the X Factory
X – 60CF to impressive wins in both qualifiers and the A main, followed closely by John Cravotta with an original X – 60. The X-Teamers were the only trucks to make the bonus lap in the main.

149 entries turned out for this annual New England Thanksgiving treat, where Cristo was showing off the all-new carbon fiber stadium truck and its slim-line design.

“X Factory has another winner here,” said Cristo after the race. “It’s a joy to drive. The slim design and light weight give the X – 60CF a big advantage. And the all-carbon fiber truck is so dialed!” Cravotta added, “Everybody here saw how good my X – 60 is, and how much quicker Chris’ new X – 60CF is over that. I’ll be getting mine in a few days, and then Cristo had better watch out!”

X Factory spokesman Chazz informs us the new truck is in production now and will be in fine hobby stores in about two weeks, in plenty of time for Christmas.

“It looks like we’ll be having some intra-Team rivalry soon. I can’t wait to watch!”

Chris Cristo's new X - 60CF

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