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X Factory’s new hub camber plates are 3 mm carbon fiber plates to fit the aluminum AE rear hub carriers, replacing the standard molded ones. The X Factory plates improve your car in several ways.

First, you get two sets of two camber plates, four in all. One set, with four ball stud holes, is the standard AE height. The other set, with three holes, is 0.072” lower than standard. The lower ball stud gives the car better balance in corners because it does not shift as much weight to the outside tire. “I have been testing this for more than a year,” said chief engineer Paul Sinclair, “and I have tried many different heights. 0.072” is perfect, and my car is faster.”

Second, they are 3 mm carbon fiber, not 2.5 mm like others on the market. As usual, the X Factory part is strong enough to do the job without breaking on the last lap.

The camber link plates come with some cool black 0.030” spacers to extend the ball stud so the ball cup does not interfere with the hub carrier, and two Real Men Wear Black locking nuts to secure the ball studs.




A great addition to your X Factory or AE ride,
available this week at fine hobby stores
and on the X Factory web site.



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