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The weekend of January 4 saw the running of the Maine State Championship at Maximus RC. The weather was cold outside, but nice and warm inside for racers from all over New England. X Factory sent Team driver John Cravotta up from Massachusetts, and he did not disappoint, winning both buggy and SC.


In mod buggy it was all X - 6 cubed as Cravotta TQed both round of qualifying, setting a blistering 17 laps 5:08 on the small Maine track. John checked out in the A main with a tone-to-tone dash, improving his qualifying time by a second.

Short Course was a different story with the same ending. Cravotta made mistakes in both qualifiers and his SCX - 60CF lined up second on the A main grid. John and the TQ freight trained through the field for the first 4 1/2 minutes until the front truck, with just 25 seconds left on the clock, did some "rubbin is racin" action trying to pass a slower vehicle. This slowed him down just enough for Cravotta's carbon fiber X-truck to get by on the outside, and it was a dash to the finish. Cravotta stayed in front to take the win, making it two on the day for X Factory.


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