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A Win at Snowball for X - Factory


In mod buggy, John qualified his X - 6 Cubed fifth and finished third! Nice going, John!

R/C Excitement in Fitchburg, MA hosted the annual Snowball race on Jan. 19th, and John Cravotta won the 2WD short course class with his SCX - 60CF. "The truck felt amazing," said Cravotta, "it jumped, landed incredible, had more steering and traction in all the right places."

Because of the large number of entries, 166, there were only two rounds of qualifying, so any problem or bad luck would be costly. On an easy TQ pace in round two, John had a problem lapping some traffic and qualified second, just 0.7 seconds behind the leader. Cravotta said, "In the warm-up laps I noticed that the TQ truck was not doing the double triple, a section my SCX - 60CF could do with ease, and I knew that was my spot to pass. I did just that on the first lap, built a 5-sec lead, and drove steady to take the win."



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