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This coming Saturday, Feb 1st, will see the running of the SouperBowl Shakedown race at Redneck R/C in Baldwinsville, N.Y., presented by RCSoup.com. The X Factory Team will be there in force!

Redneck R/C expects a turnout of about 200 entries for this one-day event the day before the football game. However, the Mid-Motor Mafia will arrive on Friday afternoon to present a free R/C clinic and seminar for all, whether entered in the Shakedown race or just visiting. Also, Redneck R/C will make practice available free for all who are pre-entered in the SouperBowl Shakedown. Those not entered may practice for a nominal fee. So if you talk to the Team and want to make a change on your car, you can try it out right away.

X Factory will bring along Chief Engineer Paul Sinclair (right), just returned from an A main run at the C.R.C.R.C. MidWinter and an excellent showing at the Reedy Race, along with Team Manager Chris Cristo (below) and Team driver Jim Edmonds (bottom). All three will be available at a special table for the entire evening on Friday. Talk to any of them about any problem with any car, about driving, race tactics, the mental side of racing, anything at all. You may even get to drive a lap or two with one of their X Factory rides, but look out! You may then be forced to buy one!


X Factory is also sponsoring the 17.5 stock buggy class at the SouperBowl Shakedown. If there are 21 or more entries in the class, X Factory will award an X Ė 6 Cubed Conversion Kit to the highest-finishing non-sponsored driver!

So letís have a great turn-out at Redneck R/C this coming weekend! You will learn a lot from the pros and have a great time racing!




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