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A good number of drivers decided to make this an overnight event. Redneck R/C opened for a couple hours' practice Friday afternoon free for all entered in the next day's Shakedown race. The seminar started at 7:30, and there was more practice afterward so drivers could try out what they had learned.

Chris Cristo and Jim Edmonds talked about tires, motors, and answered some questions, while Paul Sinclair discussed some R/C and X Factory history, talked about the principles of physics which produce the mid-motor advantage, and delved into some engineering principles on suspension, roll centers, etc. Paul also discussed car preparation and the routine he follows before placing his car on the track for any run. Young Chazz was there, and the Team kept him on a tight leash.

Everyone we have talked to says he learned a lot by attending, and Redneck R/C want to have us back for this event next year. We can't wait!




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