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As usual, Thunder R/C owner and announcer extraordinaire Robert Dirla held the annual Tennessee Winter Champs race on the first full weekend of spring, March 25-27, and X Factory Team drivers took home top honors in every class entered. The 130-entry turn-out was nearly a record for Thunder, with drivers from five states in attendance.

Cody Bickel, Paul Sinclair, Cade Bivins

In Mod Buggy, the A main was all Paul Sinclair and his
X 6 Cubed, as he ran an error-free race from flag to flag to win by more than a lap over the field. Second place went to X-Team driver Cody Bickel , also driving an X 6 Cubed, with Cody finishing more than 4 sec clear of third place. In fifth place was X Teamer Cade Bivins , moving up from eighth on the grid.

Cody Bickel

The Mod Pro-2 Short Course class was all X Factory (right), as Bickel and Bivins ran away with the 6-min main. They swapped the lead for a lap, then Bickel regained it, finishing 4 seconds ahead of Bivins, who was 9 sec ahead of third. Both drove SCX 60CF trucks.

Paul Sinclair

In Stadium Truck, Cody Bickel's X 60CF started second on the grid, went through the first-lap crash into the lead, and never looked back taking a 10-sec win. Cody also had fast lap in the main, with his 16.2 more than a tenth faster than anybody else.

Cody Bickel and Cade Bivins

Cade Bivins started second on the Stock Short Course grid, but finished lap one in first. He gave up the lead on lap two, regained it on lap three, and motored off to a 5-sec win, setting fast lap for the race.

X Factory always has a great time at Thunder R/C, the racers are top notch, Robert Dirla always runs a great tight program, and we look forward to the T.I.S.O.C. race this coming December.

Cade Bivens



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